Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I'd just like to send a quick Merry Christmas to my readers, you 3 know who you are. I appreciate the Twins blog community that has supported me, all of my friends that check out this blog, perhaps out of guilt, and I especially appreciate one of my most dedicated readers in Towanda, PA. This reader can find this blog using many different methods. :)

I am working on some posts for the coming weeks. I will do a Houston Astros top 50 prospects, since I am trying to learn my boss' team. I will use the same method I used on the Twins top 50. I may use this method for a top 50 prospects of the American League Central (thanks Seth Stohs for the idea). I plan a look at the Twins 40 man (probably a re-look at a prior 40 man post). I am doing some research on a story about Dutch baseball as well. I also plan some posts that involve my usual crap, you know 2 sentences and a youtube clip.

2009 was a tough year but 2010 will be great.

Again, Merry Christmas!


For now, I leave you with this! Go Twins! May the beard live on!


  1. Stay warm. Looking forward to the Astros list! TFelton

  2. Great to see you in amongst the other Twin bloggers. Feliz Navidad to you from the middle of Mexico, most likely making me the most distant fan of your blog (if not the majority of the others.)

    Wishing for a belated Christmas present of a 3B, or a 2B to go along with the new SS.

    And if you wanted to kick in another solid starter, I could go along with the fantasy.