Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sorry i haven't written lately? You haven't noticed? I guess when you only have 10s of readers a day, a new blogger can exist incognito. I buried a long time friend in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago, then I flew from Minnesota to Texas for a job interview, a job I ultimately received and accepted, and now I'm planning the move and the next steps for my step son, my family and his family. I've been busy!!!!

Where am I going? To Temple, TX! Shawn in Binghamton will have to come up with a new handle shortly. I will be working for a company owned by Drayton McLane. Drayton owns the Houston Astros.  Let me introduce you to my new favorite team!

Ok.... I'm not that shallow. Maybe the Astros will be my favorite National League team. In the coming months I may do a look over of the Astros team from a Twins fan perspective. I will do a kind of get to know them piece on a team Twins fans do not see to much. How the team's are similar and how they differ.

I do have a philosophical if not all together important question. If I move to central Texas, can I become a Dallas Stars fan again? I left MN before the Wild dropped the puck their first season. I have admired the Wild but have not really become a diehard. Anyway.....

The World Series starts tonight. Once the Phillies finish off the Yankees in 6 games, the off season can truly begin. I hope to post a blog about superstition shortly(I know I said I would last post.... which was like 2 weeks ago). I am also collecting information for a story on Dutch baseball(a good post). I will also look at the Twins offseason and their prospects. I did a rough top ten here. Seth Stohs over at has already done a top 50 list. Recently he did a posting that encompassed all of his end of season top 50 lists from 2004 to the present. Be sure to also check out Here you can purchase a 2009-2010 offseason handbook from four great Twins bloggers for only 9.95. Heck, you probably won't even need to come back to this blog for Twins info again.... but do so anyway! :)

Anyway sorry for the ramble. Sorry I have not been around lately.

I'll leave you with this tune in honor of my move to TX.

Go Twins!!!!!

Shawn.... still in Binghamton


  1. Hey Shawn, glad you're back and congrats on the new job! Unfortunately there aren't any nearby Twins minor league affiliates down there!

    I definitely think you can become a Stars fan again. Maybe you can buy some vintage North Stars apparel and really even outclass all the other fans down there.

  2. I have a 1972 throwback North Stars jersey already. I'm going to miss seeing New Britian and Rochester when they play in the area. I will also miss having several major league teams in driving distance. I will have to go to the Twins/Rangers games alot.

  3. Congratulations on the job and my condolences on the loss of your friend. I thought I left a comment on that post, but I see gremlins must have eaten it. And yes, you can certainly be a Stars fan again. If the divorce weren't so ugly, I may have never broken up with them in the first place.