Wednesday, September 30, 2009

....Miguel Angel Sano

Yesterday the Twins made a monumental signing. They signed Miguel Angel Sano from the Dominican Republic for a $3.15 million signing bonus. The 2nd largest bonus ever given to a Dominican amateur. He was considered one of the best 2 Dominican free agents this year. He is projected to have all five tools. He is currently a shortstop but as he grows he is expected to be moved to 3b or OF. THIS is a BIG deal! The Twins spending money on premium talent is a big deal. They don't normally spend the money. Sano's bonus was the 2nd highest the club has given, next to Joe Mauer's $5.15 million as a #1 pick in 2001 amateur draft. The bonus blows away the Twins previous high for an international free agent of $775,000 bonus. This was given to Max Kepler, Europe's #1 free agent, just this year. There is still a little bit of legal concern over his age but, if Sano is not 16 as he suggests he is, he will not get a Visa to come to work in America. The deal will be null.

What does it mean for the the Twins future?

Sano won't be with the Twins until at least 2013 and probably not until a year or two later, but should be considered one of their top 5 prospects right now.

Sano's signing makes for 3 great signings by the Twins this year. The top Latin player, the top European player, and Kyle Gibson, a top 10 projected player in the June draft that fell to 22 due to injury. Gibson also should be considered a top 10 and probably 5 prospect right now.

The spending spree could be due to a change of corporate philosophy by the Twins. Maybe the younger Pohlad's want to win more than their father. Maybe the team is merely following through with promises of more spending with the new stadium.

If you are a Twins fan, the amateur signings the Twins have made this year should excite you. The money the team spent should ease your mind when you think about Joe Mauer's looming free agency.

The Twins prospects were generally ranked in the 22-24 range this past year out of 30 major league teams. How do you think the signings affect their overall status next year?

Here is my first top ten prospect list with their age, position, and expected level in 2010 as well as when they project to reach Minnesota.

1. Angel Morales OF 20 years A Fort Myers MLB debut 2012
2.Wilson Ramos C 22 years AAA Rochester MLB debut 2011(2010 if he were traded post Mauer extension)
3. Aaron Hicks CF 20 years A Beloit MLB debut 2013
4. Miguel Angel Sano SS/3B/OF 17 years Rookie Gulf  Coast League Twins debut 2014
5. Kyle Gibson RHP 22 years A Beloit MLB debut 2012
6. Danny Valencia 3B 25 years old AAA Rochester MLB debut 2010
7. Ben Revere OF 22 years old AA New Britain MLB debut 2012
8. Jeff Manship RHP 24 years old AAA Rochester MLB 2009
9. Rene Tosoni OF 23 years old AAA Rochester MLB debut 2010
10. David Bromberg RHP 22 years old AA New Britain MLB debut 2011

let me know what you think! Rip me to shreds, whatever, feedback is good.

Shawn from..... Binghamton

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