Sunday, October 4, 2009

....And We'll See Ya.... Tuesday Afternoon

5 pm Tuesday Afternoon to be exact! Well, 162 games wasn't enough to complete the Twins season. Many have given up on the Twins this season, but not me :). The Metrodome also wasn't able to go forth with a true last game. And that's ok. The ceremony was great and brought back some great memories. Maybe the Twins will be able to change my top 10 over the next few weeks.

Anyway, the season continues. It's the 86-76 Twins vs. 86-76 Tigers. It's Baker vs. Porcello? It's Tuesday Afternoon. Winner gets to face the 103 win Yankees. Let's continue to enjoy the ride and maybe the Metrodome will have to host the Yankees in a few days. I'd love to see several more games in the Dome before they close the place.

Shawn..... From Binghamton wishing I was in Minnesota.

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