Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Time at Puckett's Pond

For the last 4 months, I have been writing for Puckett's Pond. Because I only mustered 7 posts for them, I no longer write at Puckett's Pond. Since I want to make sure I always have ease of access to my work and in case anyone missed it, I will review my time there.

I started by predicting the AL Central. I was pretty wrong on the Twins (homerism). The White Sox have also been better than I thought they would be.

I said Goodbye to Luke Hughes. Most of my fond memories of Luke were in 2008 in AA, not his time in the majors. He seems like a really good dude but unfortunetly he has had trouble sticking with a team after he was let go. After spending time at 3 levels of the A's organization he was let go and about to play independent ball but Toronto picked him up and sent him to AAA. Good luck Luke, I wish you nothing but success.

I pondered a promotion to Fort Myers for Miguel Sano. His .271/.407/.614 line through 20 games made me jump the gun and although his 1.3 K's per game was a concern. I wanted to make folks think of realistic promotions (not the knuckleheads that think Sano should be in the majors) and I've grown tired of the Twins taking it so slow with just about every prospect. (Except Joe Mauer) For the season he is hitting .251/.375/.496 for the season and striking out 1.16 times per game. While I jumped the gun, I think he could have turned in similar production in Fort Myers.

I welcomed Cole DeVries to the majors and expressed surprise at seeing him there. Cole has had 9 starts for the Twins, going 2-2 with a 3.98 ERA with strikeout and walk rates similar to his minor league numbers. While Cole would have no place on a strong starting staff, he might just be able to hang on in the majors for a couple years. I do wish him success.

I re-ranked the Twins top 20 after the draft. Top pick Byron Buxton landed at #2.

Inspired by my trip to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, I wrote about how well Twins fans travel. Unfortunetly, I was too busy to also write a story about the games themselves. Or anything about my trip to New Britain 2 weeks ago.

Finally, I started looking at moves that will shape the 2013 team with Liriano's trade. I will continue that series of stories here.

I enjoyed my time on the Pond, but it lacks a certain inflexibility that an old ass man with a family and a road sales job needs in his blogging life.

The Pond is short of writers though, so if you are a Twins fan and interested in writing, you should apply here.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout to the Pond, always looking for new writers to share their thoughts on the Twins.