Monday, June 21, 2010

Baseball equals Life?

Baseball is a lot like life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes, it rains!

Last year when the Twins schedule was released, I was exited to see the Twins would be playing the Phillies in Philadelphia and the Mets in New York City. I live 3 hours from both stadiums, and was very exited to see the Twins at two stadiums that were new to me. Two series in back-to-back weeks. I'd go to both Saturday games. What could be better?

But..... I was also unemployed at the time.

 I soon found a job..... In Texas! 
A really good job in the IT field. Seemed like a really good opportunity. Too good an opportunity to pass up for sure! The dream to see the games vs. the Phillies and Mets died pretty quickly. Oh Well! It is better to be employed than to go to baseball games right?

Life gets involved again.

The good job opportunity, the one too good to pass up, turned out to be pretty lousy. While I loved almost every person I worked with there, the decision makers made it pretty hard to fit in. The biggest problem, of course, was that the company had over-extended itself. A staff reduction of 25% put me out the door before I'd really settled in.

So, here I was, in Texas, unemployed.

My new wife and family where still in New York and I hadn't been able to sell my home there yet.

I was stuck... I had to return to New York with my tail between my legs.

But, sometimes life is not what it seems. Some would look on this as a bad time for me or a failed venture. Me? I got to be with my family again. I got to hang out with my dogs. I get to go to the Twins/Phillies and Twins/Mets games on consecutive Saturdays.

I liked the Austin, Texas area a lot but, I missed my family and I was 1700 miles away in a job I hated, a job that hated me, and I was all alone.

Upon returning home, I received the Twins tickets as a birthday present from my wife. You may remember her from this or perhaps this.

Long story short. On Saturday we attended the Twins/Phillies game.

I met with Topper Anton from Curve For A Strike who wrote a summary of the day's events. We had a blast. Topper is a really fun guy to watch a game with. If you have never read his blog, go there now. It's good! I'll wait......

done yet?


Anyway, the game is one of the greatest games that I have ever seen. It was the best game I have ever attended. After coming out quick with 3 runs in the top of the first, the Twins eventually fell behind 9-4. Topper and I went to meet Thrylos98 from the Tenth Inning Stretch blog. It was nice to meet him but we had to go.... last call for beer you know.

....well, the game moves to the top of the 9th inning. Delmon Young started off with a single. Jim Thome was brought on to pinch hit. Thome, a beloved former Philly and all around nice guy got a great applause. After depositing a 2-run HR in the bullpen, 466 feet away, he was applauded once again. This seemed odd to me. I felt the tide starting to turn in the Twins favor and I'm surprised the Philly fans did not as well. The Twins scratched across another run. With one on and two outs, down by two, Joe Mauer stepped to the plate. Mauer has had a decent year, but not to 2009 MVP standards. I actually felt in my mind that Mauer could HR in this spot. Maybe I was just a homer. Mauer had only 2 HRs in 2010 but, I felt he could do it. Sure enough, a 419 foot shot by Mauer tied the score at 9. Justin Morneau flied to left to end the threat. In the bottom of the 9th, the Phillies got men on 1st and 2nd before two strikeouts ended the inning.

To the 10th. We were sitting in foul territory near left field. When Drew Butera hit the first pitch, I watched it come by and knew it would be gone. I have never been so excited at a game in my life. DREW BUTERA!!!!! I was going on and on! Drew Butera had never done anything to suggest these heroics. The Phillies fans were probably ready to throw me off  the 2nd deck. :). Of course the Twins gave the lead back on a Ross Gload HR. I'm not sure how it went out, but it did.

In the 11th, Mauer and Morneau were essentially walked to get to John Rauch. The Twins had no one left to hit, so Rauch had to do so himself. With 2 strikes, the 6' 10" Rauch laid down a perfect sacrifice bunt, to move the runners to second and third. To me, this was the play of the game. If he doesn't get the bunt down, he strikes out. If Rauch strikes out, the runners stay on first and second and Young may be pitched differently. Anyway, Young gets an infield hit to score Mauer. Matt Tolbert doubles to score two more. How many big hits have come from unexpected sources lately? With the 3 run lead, John Rauch had more than enough runs to hold on for the 13-10 win. What a fun game!

After the game, Topper and I met with Thrylos once again. The 3 bloggers and the future major leaguer took a pic on the way out the door.

Hanging out with Topper and Thrylos was as fun as the game result. The time we spent after the game allowed the stadium to empty. We saw a couple of surly post loss Philly fans on the way to the car and our timing meant that we didn't have to see more. 

I know baseball is just a game. I know it is not life. But the last year has been difficult. I've had a friend die, a co-worker die, and a great neighbor die. Last week, my aunt died. I have lost two jobs since September. It's been a rough year. Life, like this baseball game is about coming back. I have never been more happy than I am now. I have never been so happy to lose a job. The Texas experience did not work out, but I am home with my family.

I'd rather be home with these guys than working for a company that is struggling. I'd rather go to these games and live my life. Tomorrow, the AA Twins come to town. Saturday, The Twins play at the Mets. 

I hope to see everyone there or living your dreams as you choose!

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  1. Buddy, great post! Glad to see you writing again!

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