Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heath Bell

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One of the primary topics in Twins Territory is the closer situation. If Joe Nathan can't go, and this weekend we will find out, who should be the Twins closer?

I think it should be this man:
OK, it's been a long time since he's been a B-Met, but I did live in Binghamton for 3+ years.

There are rumors out there that the Twins are interested in Heath Bell and the Padres would want Ben Revere, Aaron Hicks, or Angel Morales. These three gentleman are considered the future Twins OF. It seems unlikely that all three will make the majors with the Twins, but is Bell worth one of these players?


I know I have said I want the Twins to trade for him, but not for Revere or Morales straight up. The Twins wouldn't consider trading Hicks.

Bell at 32 years old has been a very good reliever the last three years and a good closer in 09. He struck out 10.21/9 innings, had a 1.12 WHIP and 2.42 FIP in 2009. His numbers were really good for a closer, but not as good as Joe Nathan. Where Nathan was worth about 2 wins over replacement, Bell was worth about one. One win could be important however and I think the Twins should explore this deal.

Would the Padres take Glen Perkins/Alexi Casilla/Rene Tosoni for Bell? Probably not, they are selling high and they know the Twins are desperate.

The Twins best bet would be to trade Revere. To me, he has less upside than Morales and Hicks. He is fast and is a good contact hitter, but he probably will never develop power and has a weak throwing arm.

I would propose this trade of Bell, Drew Cumberland and cash for Revere and Perkins.

Drew Cumberland was the 46th pick in 2007. He had a .296/.393/.410 line with 19 steals in 22 attempts for Class A Fort Wayne. He is a SS/2b and is only 21 years old.

He would provide decent upside in the middle infield where the Twins are weak.

It would hurt to lose Revere, but to gain a decent, but slightly lesser prospect, plus Bell would be worth it.

Many are pining for Pat Neshek to be the closer. While I'd love to see this, he may not be fully ready to take on the role. Bringing in Bell for 2 years and letting him walk (perhaps receiving draft picks) would strengthen the entire bullpen. Neshek, Guerrier, and Rauch could all setup Bell and would make for a very strong bullpen.

If the Padres want the moon, this won't happen, but if they are willing to get creative, this could benefit the Twins now without a huge drop-off in their future.

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